I am Proleptic Lecturer (Research Assistant Professor) and Royal Academy of Engineering UK Intelligence Community Research Fellow at King's College London, where I am part of the Distributed AI and Cybersecurity research groups. I am also an Associate Researcher at Inria, where I am a member of the Wimmics and Hyper-Agents groups, and a Faculty Affilate at Ontario Tech in the Trustworthy AI Lab.

Short Bio

Previously, I was a 3iA Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Inria and 3iA Côte d’Azur, and a Postdoc in the HASP lab at King's. Before that, I gained my PhD in AI at King's, while I was also a visiting PhD researcher at the MIT Media Lab in the Scalable Cooperation Group. My background is multidisciplinary, built on a PhD in Computer Science from King's College London, a Master's in Cognitive Science from the University of Edinburgh, and a Bachelor's in Philosophy from the West University of Timisoara.

Research Interests

As an inherently curious individual and a highly interdisciplinary researcher, I aim to understand the complex reasoning and behaviour of intelligent agents (humans or machines) inside social environments like hybrid societies. where humans, machines, and everything in-between interact. Broadly, my areas of specialisation in AI include complex and adaptive multi-agent systems, agent based modelling, and neurosymbolic architectures. In particular, I am interested in the topics of deceptive AI and deception modelling, self-explainable AI agents with Theory-of-Mind, and the ability of AI agents to build stories and narratives.