RAEng UK IC Collaborators 2022-present

To be added...

PostDoc Advisor 2022-2023 (KCL)

Jose Such

PostDoc Advisor 2020-2022 (INRIA)

Fabien Gandon

PhD Supervisors 2016-2020 (KCL and MIT Media Lab)

Peter McBurney (Main Supervisor - KCL)

Simon Parsons (KCL)

Iyad Rahwan (MIT)

Alex Rutherford (MIT)

Martin Chapman (KCL)

Matthew Moran (KCL - War Studies)

PhD Students

Xiao Zhan, co-supervision with Jose Such (main), KCL


Peter Lewis, Ontario-Tech

Edmond Awad, Uni. of Exeter

Jack Mumford, Uni. of Liverpool

Andrea Tettamanzi, I3S Lab and Uni. of Côte d'Azur

Peta Masters, Uni. of Melbourne

Ben Wright, US Naval Research Laboratory

Francesca Mosca, KCL

Liz Sonenberg, Uni. of Melbourne

Alison R. Panisson, UFSC

Rafael H. Bordini, PUCRS

Jose M. Such, KCL

Nishanth Sastry, Uni. of Surrey

Pushkal Agarwal, KCL

Hu (Rachel) Xuehui, KCL

Florin Lobonț, West University of Timisoara

Jamie Barras, KCL

Elizabeth Black, KCL

If you wish to collaborate with me, please don't hesitate to get in touch.